Webinar 10/02/2021 – Presentation of the Anchor Life Project

On the 10th of February 2021 ISPRA presented the project ANCHOR LIFE (Advanced Noise Control Strategies in Harbour) that aims at defining strategies and best practices for noise management in ports, focusing on the measurement and mitigation of noise pollution in ports located near cities. ANCHOR LIFE goal is to raise awareness of port stakeholders – public administrations, decision-makers on land management, port authorities and private companies – on the issue of noise pollution. The hope is to replicate the project in as many European ports as possible. The action will include the following steps:

  • Development of  “Figures of merit” in the governance of port noise as an incentive scheme.
  • Design and installation of a smart noise monitoring system.
  • Preparation of a guideline for the definition of a common approach in monitoring and assessment of noise in ports.
  • Replication and dissemination on a follower platform.

To find out more watch the full video available here.