The main ANCHOR LIFE objective is – to raise awareness, communicate and disseminate the topic of noise pollution coming from ports affecting urban nearby territories among public Administrations and land management decision makers, port authorities, private companies involved in port activities, citizens living in port cities and academics. The process will be led by the development and application of three Best Practices for Noise Governance and Information, one for each partner port authority, in order to enhance relationships among all the port actors, i.e. port authorities, companies and local communities.

ANCHOR LIFE dissemination program develops and delivers a comprehensive list of webinars, which is been drafted taking into account the need to widely spread the results obtained during the peoject. In particular, the main subjects of the webinars will be as the following:

  • Smart port noise monitoring systems
  • Port noise environmental assessment
  • Figures of Merit

The newly developed list of webinars is articulated as follows:

DateLeading partnerTitle
08/11/2021Municipality of PatrasDeveloping participation through a Smart Port Noise Monitoring System
15/11/2021Melilla Port Authorit/CIRIAFPort noise environmental impact assessment
23/11/2021Livorno Port AuthorityFigures of Merit for port noise governance. Planning effective incentives for private sector operators.
29/11/2021ISPRAReplication strategies Meeting ID: 862 3852 7870 – Passcode: 975476